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Discover the beauty of Rainbow Mountain Peru

Welcome to the official website of Rainbow Mountain Peru, originally known as Vinicunca, found in the Andes mountains of Peru. Here you’ll find everything you need to know from the history and facts to the must-knows when climbing this increasingly popular travel spot.

Rainbow Mountain Peru Quick Tips 2024:

How to get there:

Take a tour from Cusco (not possible to enter the Rainbow Mountain park area without a tour - official tour operator mentioned below)

How to get to Cusco:

Fly with LATAM Airlines, or take Peru Hop Bus

Official Tour Operator:

Rainbow Mountain Travels - Click Here

When is Rainbow Mountain Rainy Season:


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Where is
Rainbow Mountain?

We don’t only discuss the means of getting to the mountain from Cusco, but also your options getting from Lima to Cusco (for those who have just landed in Peru) and your options of trekking the mountain.

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