The ultimate Rainbow Mountain safety guide! Find everything you need to know to have the safest and most enjoyable experience of the colored hill possible.

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Top Rainbow Mountain safety tips

Stay hydrated

This is among the most important things for travellers to be conscious of while travelling Rainbow Mountain Peru.

At such a high altitude it is important for your body to be hydrated so make sure you bring plenty of water and only take small sips of instead of large gulps. This allows the body to process hydration without the urgent need for the toilet.

Bring coca leaves

Coca leaves are a famous aid used in Cusco to help with altitude When chewed, coca leaves are known to clear a throbbing head and make it easier to breath at such a high altitude.

They can also be bought quite cheap in Cusco so we advise picking up a bag to bring on your trek in case altitude sickness worsens while trekking.

Book with a reliable tour operator

Trekking Rainbow Mountain Peru is no easy task and many people struggle, particularly with the altitude. Therefore, it is so necessary that you choose a qualified operator.

Check out our tours page to see who our top picks are based on quality of service, equipment, transport and guide. These are the most important things to look out for with operators, read below for more detail on why these are so important.

Priorities when choosing a tour operator

There are many things to watch out for when booking an operator to insure the best experience. However, below we’ve outlined our 3 key factors to look for in an operator to ensure you have the safest and most informative experience.

Qualified guides

The quality of your guide can make the difference between an enjoyable, interesting trek up to Rainbow Mountain Peru and a dragged out, boring, disappointing experience.

There are several unqualified operators in existence, with more and more setting up as Rainbow Mountain Peru grows in popularity. Some of these will have guides with little to no English or possibly even rush travellers to finish the experience faster.

There are also operators with guides untrained in first aid or who don’t bring oxygen tanks – do not travel without these insurances.

Oxygen tanks

The need for the use of an oxygen tank while trekking Rainbow Mountain Peru is quite common.

Altitude effects different people in different ways. Many times, athletes or people known to have a high level of fitness, have struggled with Rainbow Mountain Peru far more than others in their group, needing the use of their operators’ oxygen tanks.

You won’t know until you get there if you will need an oxygen tank or not therefore it is necessary you travel with an operator who provides one.

First aid kits

This is something you should look out for when trying to pick an authentic and professional tour operator but is mainly just precautionary in more recent times.

As more people travel to Rainbow Mountain Peru the path is becoming more paved and less dangerous. Operators are also taking more precautions to follow a safe route.

However, injuries do still happen from time to time and so, providing a guide trained in first aid with a first aid kit is definitely something you should look for in an operator.

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