From Lima to Rainbow Mountain: 2020 Guide

Without a doubt, Rainbow Mountain has become one of the best treks found within the Cusco region and everyone’s favorite attraction while traveling through Peru. Don’t miss the chance of visiting this newly-discovered natural wonder. Learn everything you need to know about how to get to the Rainbow Mountain from Lima and more!

The Rainbow Mountain, also known as Vinicunca, is located a few hours away from the city of Cusco, in the Cusipata district. This enigmatic work of nature wasn’t discovered until 2015, and since then, it is one of the principal tourist attractions in Cusco, receiving more than 1,500 visitors per day!

At the moment, the Rainbow Mountain is only accessible by a combination of a bus ride with trekking. It only takes about 2.5 hours to get to the summit, keep in mind that Vinicunca has an altitude of 5,200 meters. Although the trek is considered to be easy to moderate, the altitude makes it a little bit more challenging.

To visit the Rainbow Mountain in Peru, one must be in Cusco, which is only accessible by bus or plane. Below you’ll find detailed information about how to get from Lima to Rainbow Mountain, tips for travelers, and more.

Getting From Lima to Cusco

Cusco is considered to be one of the most important cities in Peru, not only for being home to Machu Picchu, one of the New 7 Wonders of the World but because of its history and cultural expression. Cusco is located at 3,399 meters above sea level, and it’s only accessible by plane or bus from Lima.

red valley vinicunca

Getting From Cusco to Rainbow Mountain

Although Rainbow Mountain is only 3 hours away from the City of Cusco, there is no public transport to this attraction. Therefore it is advisable to take a guided tour to visit the Vinicunca Mountain.

In Cusco, you’ll find different tour operators that could take you on a day trip to the Rainbow Mountain. Keep in mind that not all the tour operators are reliable since in the past many tourists have been scammed.

We recommend taking the necessary time to know and compare different tour operators before making a decision. Since the Rainbow Mountain receives more than 1,500 visitors per day, prices may vary between the different operators, which is why you need to be careful.

If it is too cheap, it doesn’t mean it’s good. Most cheap tour operators don’t mention what they include in the package, and you could end up paying more than you’d want.

Rainbow Mountain Travels is one of the companies we recommend for visiting this astonishing natural wonder. Besides offering an early start in the morning, this company guarantees the arrival before the crowds, breakfast, lunch, an optional visit to the Red Valley, and assistance along the way. Make sure to know everything about the best Rainbow Mountain trek in Cusco while you’re here!

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Tips for Travelers

We have gathered some recommendations that you should take into account before and during your visit to the Rainbow Mountain:

These are a few of the many recommendations we have for visiting the Rainbow Mountain. Make sure to know everything about safety advices and what to bring while you’re here.

Rainbow Mountain Tour

Unquestionably, Rainbow Mountain is one of the best things to do in Cusco and South America. Don’t be a typical tourist, and don’t miss this jaw-dropping work of nature that will surely be the highlight of your trip.